ANYONE can make a referral, teachers, parents, student, other school staff, or another stakeholders.  School counselors have lots of resources and ideas to help students be successful in school.  We want your students to succeed and are here to support in any way we can.  You can email Mrs. Hayes at bailey.hayes@knoxschools.org and Ms. Raper at haley.raper@knoxschools.org or call them at (865) 594-1173.  Please remember Mrs. Hayes is only at Sunnyview Wednesday and Thursday, and Haley is here on Monday and Tuesday.  If you are trying to reach us any other day, please leave a message with the office and we will return your call ASAP.
    *****STAFF ONLY*****
    If you would like to refer a student for counseling please click on the link below and fill out the form: