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                                              Welcome to School Counseling

                                                Brickey-McCloud 2020-2021

    I am Ms. Patricia Lutu-Mayes, Ms. Patricia is what I have students call me and I am the school counselor here at Brickey. As I begin my tenth year as a counselor, I am excited to begin a new year with lots of new and exciting things happening in our school  and within our district. Many of our students will be learning and attending school in different ways. Many of you will come to school in person, kinda like we use to do, but many of you will be learning from home in our virtual learning program. All students will be using chromebooks and using technology more in our classes, this will include our guidance classes which I am now calling "Life Skills class with Ms. Patricia."  Our theme for Brickey this year is Brickey Bears ROCK! ROCK stands for Responsible Outstanding Couragous Kids! I believe this suits this year perfectly. Students will be showing more responsibility through the use of techonology, navigating classes/courses, and doing their personal best always. We know our kids are outstanding and couragous as we all learn new ways to interact with social distancing and protecting our selves and others during these challenging times wearing masks and dealing with worries. Brickey and Knox county Schools will do all we can to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students to continue to grow and learn. My job as your school counselor is to help with that any way I can. This will take everyone communicating their needs. So please do not hesitate to call or email me or your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns. As your school counselor, I provide many different services through our school counseling program. 

    Services provided through our comprehensive, developmental school counseling program include:

    • individual counseling
    • small group counseling
    • classroom guidance lessons
    • consultation and collaboration
    • parent meetings
    • crisis management


    I feel very fortunate to be able to work in such an amazing environment with extraordinary students and staff members. My goal is to help ensure that every student feels happy, safe, and ready to learn. Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. The school number is  (865) 689-1499 or you can email me anytime at patricia.lutumayes@knoxschools.org 

    Parents and Teachers: As part of my job and to ensure that we understand the needs of our students we would like you to please take a quick needs assessment if you have not already done so.  Students will have a seperate needs assessment they will do with me through guidance class now known as Life Skills Class. The information on this will help me to better plan for classes and other things for the school year as well as help our social worker to address needs we may otherwise not know about with out your input. Thank in advance for your time and willness to help us better understand the needs of Brickey McCould students, families, and community. Have a great day! 
             Needs Assessment

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    Guidance Class is now called "Life Skills with Ms. Patricia"
    Students will access my class and lessons via Canvas and Team meetings. I will post announcements with which lesson and dates as lessons become available. The class schedule dates and topics are shown below. 
    Through Canvas, on my "HOME" page students will be able to check announcements. They can fill out a check-in form if they need to see me, want to tell me anything, or need to do check-in's as a virtual student. They can access the check-in form by clicking on the mail box. To begin each lesson they will need to click on the welcome sign and this will lead them through expectations and rules, then choosing grade level and lesson number, then following the lesson and activities prompts. These could be videos or slides, games, or assignments. Below is a link to either take you to the canvas log in or if you are already logged in to canvas you can go directly to my home page. Once on canvas remember to Always check announcements to see if a new lesson or activities have been added. 
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    School Counseling Program Class Schedule for 2020-2021


    Guidance lessons, now called "Life Skills with Ms. Patricia," will be focused on meeting the TN state standards for a comprehensive developmental school counseling model. These standards address the social and personal competencies (SPCs) needed for healthy development. For more information on the SPCs you can go to ... Social and Personal Competencies on the CASEL.org website. For more information specifically on the TN state standards for school counseling you can go to... TN Standards for school Counseling. 


    Notes to Teachers and Parents









  •  Ms. Patricia

               "Ms. Patricia"
    Patricia Lutu-Mayes M.S. 
    1820 Dry Gap Pike
    Knoxville, TN 37918
    865-689-1499 Main Office  
    ext. 22815
    Masters of Science --Spring 2011
    Major: Counseling / Concentration: School Counseling
    University of Tennessee 

    Bachelors of Art - - Fall 2008

    Major: Psychology / Minor: Child and Family Studies

    University of Tennessee 


    Work History with Knox County Schools

    Fall 2019- Present

    - Brickey-McCloud (5 days)

    * Fall 2015- Spring 2019

    - Chilhowee Int. (2 days)/

    Sunnyview Primary (2 days)/ 

     (Fall 2015- Spring 2017

         Ritta Elem. (1 day))

     (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

         Farragut Intermediate (1 day))

      (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

          Northshore Elem.  (1 day))

    * Fall 2013 - Spring 2015

    Dogwood Elem.  (4 days) /

       South Knoxville Elem. (1 day)

    * Fall 2011- Spring 2013

     - Dogwood Elem. (3 days) /

        South Knoxville Elem. (1 day) /

        Karns Elem. (1 day) 

    * Spring 2011 only

     - South Knoxville Elem.

        (1 day for a partial semester) 

    * Summer 2010- Spring 2011

     - Pond Gap Elem

        UT Asst. Community Schools 

    * Internships- 

      - Gibbs High School -Spring 2010

      - South-Doyle Middle - Fall 2010

      - Farragut Primary - Spring 2011

    Other Jobs

    Feb. 2000 - Feb 2010

    - The Original Louis' Drive-in Rest.

           (Hostess/ occasionally waitress)

    May 2006 - Feb 2010

    - My Nana's House Group Daycare Home

           (Assistant Director)