Welcome to Brickey-McCloud and the 2017-2018 school year. We predict that it will be one on the best years ever.  The school looks great, and each and every staff person has been working extremely hard to be ready on the first day to begin a great learning year.  Brickey BEARS are a big family, and I hope your family will feel welcome and comfortable.  
    As Brickey’s school counselors we try to do our utmost to help each student have a good day in school.  If there is ever a time when a concern regarding your child arises, try to first communicate with your child's teacher.  Often, the concern stems from a simple misunderstanding. If the issue is not resolved, please contact one of our terrific principals or call the Guidance Office. We will listen and try to do what we can to help the situation.
    Getting back to the school routine, especially in the morning, is challenging for all ages. Try to establish a workable routine the first week of school.  Try to respect and appreciate your child's diligent efforts.  Focus on the good and try not to project adult stress.  And don't forget to practice breathing.  The counselors often teach birthday breathing (Imagine a favorite birthday cupcake with candles burning.  As one smells the cake, inhale through the nose and then exhale while trying to imagine that the candles are being blown out.)
    The year of 2017 has been declared by Parade magazine and the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation to be the Year of Being Kind.  Kindness is one of the core values of Brickey-McCloud School.  Kindness is about having respect for one's self and others.  There are many opportunities for kindness in everyday life, and Brickey students are encouraged to exercise kindness when those opportunities present themselves. 


  • Rosy Copple: Tuesdays/ Wednesdays/ Fridays     

    Lauren Fraser : Mondays/ Thursdays    
    1820 Dry Gap Pike
    Knoxville, TN 37918
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