Welcome to Brickey-McCloud for the 2019-2020 school year!
    Hi, my name is "Ms. Patricia" and I am the new full-time school counselor. I am very excited to be a Brickey BEAR this year. This is my ninth year as a school counselor and the first year I get to work at only one school. I am hoping that you and your family feel as welcome as I do and know you are a big part of the Brickey BEARS family. Our principals are excited about another GREAT year at our GREAT school. Our theme this year is based on the movie "The Greatest Showman" and our school wide quote is
    "No one ever made a difference being like everyone else."- P.T. Barnum
    As Brickey’s school counselor I try to do my best to help each student have a good day in school.  If there is ever a time when a concern regarding your child arises, try to first communicate with your child's teacher.  Often, the concern stems from a simple misunderstanding. If the issue is not resolved, please contact one of our terrific principals or call the School Counselor's Office. I am here to listen and try to do whatever I can to help the situation.
    Getting back to the school routines, especially in the morning, is challenging for all ages. Might I suggest,trying to establish a workable routine the first few weeks of school. Try not to stress and remember to breathe. All of us will be on track before we know it! Remember I am here to help always. As the counselor I  often teach breathing exercises (for example: Imagine a birthday cake with candles burning. Pretend to smell the birthday cake, inhale through the nose and then exhale while imagining  blowing out the candles, remember exhale slowly or you won't blow them out all together to get your wish.) This is just one way to practice breathing to relieve stress or to calm oneself. 
    As part of the school counseling program I will provide academic, career, and personal/social activities and lessons throughout the year via guidance lessons, small groups, and individual counseling. I am available for teacher and parent consultation and referral if needed. Please feel free to email or call anytime, as I am often out in the building or teaching classes I will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember if you want to make a referral for your child to see the counselor please fill out a Parent referral form on the "Making a referral page", on the School Counseling website (tabs are on the left.)
    Thank you for your patience.
    Kindness is and has been one of the core values of Brickey-McCloud School. "Choose Kind Every Day". Kindness is about having respect for one's self and others and exercising that kindness. There are many opportunities for kindness in everyday life, and Brickey students are encouraged to exercise kindness when opportunities present themselves. 
    As part of my job as school counselor I provide various services and need your help with gathering information to better know where to focus my time and energies. Please take a moment to fill out a needs assessment for your child. There are several different links below which will take you to a google form/survey. Please complete the form for whatever grade your child is in and if you have more than one student attending Brickey please fill out one for each child. They are listed by grade. Thank you so Much! I look forward to working with you and your child. 


  •  Ms. Patricia

               "Ms. Patricia"
    Patricia Lutu-Mayes M.S. 
    1820 Dry Gap Pike
    Knoxville, TN 37918
    865-689-1499 Main Office  
    ext. 22815
    Masters of Science --Spring 2011
    Major: Counseling / Concentration: School Counseling
    University of Tennessee 

    Bachelors of Art - - Fall 2008

    Major: Psychology / Minor: Child and Family Studies

    University of Tennessee 


    Work History with Knox County Schools

    * Fall 2015- Spring 2019

    - Chilhowee Int. (2 days)/

    Sunnyview Primary (2 days)/ 

     (Fall 2015- Spring 2017

         Ritta Elem. (1 day))

     (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

         Farragut Intermediate (1 day))

      (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

          Northshore Elem.  (1 day))

    * Fall 2013 - Spring 2015

    Dogwood Elem.  (4 days) /

       South Knoxville Elem. (1 day)

    * Fall 2011- Spring 2013

     - Dogwood Elem. (3 days) /

        South Knoxville Elem. (1 day) /

        Karns Elem. (1 day) 

    * Spring 2011 only

     - South Knoxville Elem.

        (1 day for a partial semester) 

    * Summer 2010- Spring 2011

     - Pond Gap Elem

        UT Asst. Community Schools 

    * Internships- 

      - Gibbs High School -Spring 2010

      - South-Doyle Middle - Fall 2010

      - Farragut Primary - Spring 2011

    Other Jobs

    Feb. 2000 - Feb 2010

    - The Original Louis' Drive-in Rest.

           (Hostess/ occasionally waitress)

    May 2006 - Feb 2010

    - My Nana's House Group Daycare Home

           (Assistant Director)