• Resources and Links

    This page will contain links to various resources on many topics the School Counselor has found useful or important.  If you have a topic you need more information on or question about any of the topics listed on this page please feel free to email the counselor at patricia.lutumayes@knoxschools.org anytime, she is always happy to help! Just Click on the BLUE links! 

     Community Resource Guide_________________________________________________________________________________________

    You may find yourself in need of assistence for various issues.  This guide includes information on agencies in the area which can provide assistance with things like food, clolthing, shelter, mental health needs, etc.  

    Community Resource Guide   

    Child Abuse / Child Sexual Abuse_____________________________________________________________________________________

    Students are required by law to have lessons annually on personal safety to prevent child abuse  and child sexual abuse. More information on the law and other resources on this topic can be found on the  Erin's Law Website . All students will have a lesson from fightchildabuse.org based on their grade level. Grades K-3 will view K-3 Protect Yourself Rules Video and grades 4/5 will view Grades 4/5 Protect Yourself Rules video. This lesson is always done sometime prior to Winter Break and a letter will be posted on CANVAS regarding the lesson . You can refer to the class schedule also.

     Grief Resources___________________________________________________________________________________________________

     Here are a few resources I hope will help you. These include specifics on how parents can help children grieve and a list of area support services.

    https://www.covenanthomecareandhospice.com/katerpillar-kids-camp-grief/   ( 2020 Camps Postponed due to COVID - check website for updates) 

    Helping Children Grieve and Grow Booklet

    Bereavement Services of East TN Support Groups


    College and Career Links ___________________________________________________________________________________________

    It is never to early to talk to students about future plans for post secondary education aka College and Career readiness. we encourage students and families to research interests and careers for more information and planning for the future. Do you know what kind of jobs matches your interests? Do you know if those careers require a formal degree from a university or could you attend a trade /vocational school or some other type of specialized training? More information is listed below in counselor resources as well.

    Career One Stop  - This will take you directly to the main website for assessments, searches, etc and is designed more with an adult in mind.

                  * Career videos - This link is specific to career videos based on Career clusters

    Virginia Career VIEW K-5 - This site is designed with children in mind and includes games and career searches based on interest, subject, etc


    Other Issues Children and Parent may need to know about!_______________________________________________________________

     Childmind.org - How to help children sleep. This is a link to an article that helps explain how to help your child sleep if they are having issues.