• Parent Resources

    Parents and families play such a big role in helping children dream about their futures.  You probably already talk about your career at home.  It's a good idea to helpCheck below for some resources to help get the conversation going. 

    Amightygirl.com has loads of resources for helping your mighty girl (or boy!) dream big.  Search the site for "career" to see books, blog posts, toys, recommended reading for parents, and more.

    Career Clusters PDF - This document provides information on a variety of career categories to get the conversation going at home.

    Virginia Career View has games, activities, and a searchable career database of over 300 careers.  Check out the section especially for elementary school.


    Resources for Older Students and Adults
    Career One Stop offers information and videos on numerous careers. You can search by career, interest, or even by the area you live in.

    CollegeforTN.org helps you navigate through career pathways and find options for college and training in Tennessee.

    TNReconnect helps adults returning to or starting college navigate choices and find funding.