• map that explains new arrival and dismissal procedures

    Starting April 8, 2021 and going until the new building is completed sometime next year, we are using the following new procedures for arrival and dismissal. All buses and cars will drop off and pick up students at the front of the building. Cars may ONLY use the gate shown on the top right corner of the map above. Buses may ONLY use the gate shown on the top left corner of the map above.

    Arrival/Dismissal Procedures:
    Once a car turns into the car rider gate at Officer Frank's direction, the car will travel through the upper portion of the parking lot. Then, the car will stop at the stop sign. After that, the car will turn left and pull up to the first available cone in front of the building.

    Buses will pull through the line at various points, so please be patient.

    Once a parent has either dropped off or picked up their student, they will drive out the car rider gate to exit. It is possible to turn either right or left. Please wait for Officer Frank to direct you.

    Important Things to Remember:
    - You cannot pull into the front parking lot until 7:10 AM in the morning. 
    - You cannot pull into the front parking lot until 2:40 PM in the afternoon.
    - Students cannot be checked out after 2:15 PM in the afternoon except in the event of an emergency.

    New Bus Stops Have Been Added!
    Starting April 7, 2021

    Bus 160:
    - Brown Gap Rd and Genny Lynn Dr (7:03 AM/2:46 PM)

    Bus 204:
    - O'Brien Rd and O'Hara Dr (6:58 AM/2:48 PM)
    - O'Hara Dr and O'Leary Rd (6:59 AM/2:47 PM)
    - Felty Dr and O'Brien Rd (7:00 AM/2:48 PM)
    - Felty Dr and Foley Dr (7:01 AM/2:49 PM)

    Bus 245:
    - Brown Gap Rd and McFall Rd (7:09 AM/2:46 PM)
    - Bob Varner Rd and Brown Gap Rd (7:09 AM/2:46PM)

    Bus 253:
    - No new stops