Plan of Services

  • Our goal is to serve BHS students, teachers and administrators by providing quality resources that support and enhance the curriculum and meet the informational and recreational needs of all patrons. We hope that this online Library Plan of Services (updated Spring 2020) is an easy-to-read, more streamlined version of the traditional notebook of evidence. Our services are divided into three categories, corresponding the Planning of Services portion of the TEAM LMS rubric:


    • Media Center Management
    • Media Center Resources
    • Media Center Collaboration


    Navigate through these categories in each blog post.  On each page, you will see links, text, or images that demonstrate fulfillment of one of our services.

    We are also actively involved in building a positive culture at Bearden High School. The more students enjoy coming to the library, the easier it becomes to build relationships, recommend great books, introduce students to high quality resources, and influence students to reach their full potential.

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    Knox County School Librarians are the friendly faces of knowledge acquisition. Our libraries are growing, multiservice, dynamic school centers that welcome, motivate, and inspire everyone in our community of users. We invest our time and skills in nurturing, promoting, and advocating for a learning environment that maximizes services and equitable access to resources. Our library programs are essential to a school-wide culture of innovation, achievement, and collaboration. Knox County School Librarians are forward-thinking leaders who model inquiry, information literacy, technologies, and trends in reading and instruction. Our professional charge is to inform and empower by fostering a safe environment where users can read, explore, question, solve, and create, leading to Excellence for Every Child.