• How Vine is Preparing Me

    Posted by Brenya M. on 2/2/2017

    I think students should come to Vine because it will help them prepare for what's coming in life.  I want to be a cosmetologist and hope to attend the Tennessee School of Beauty one day.  Vine has helped me get ready for that by showing me what I need to do.  Ms. Reid has especially helped me to stay focused in my classes and keep my attitude positive.

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  • Student Leadership

    Posted by Jack N. on 11/15/2016

    At Vine, there are students chosen to be in leadership positions and they get to represent the school by speaking with community leaders.  I am in that group and we get to talk about how Vine has helped our education and encouraged us to continue our goals.  We also talk about any conflicts or negative things that go on at Vine and then talk about things we can do to change these outcomes.  Students were grateful to be in this group and represent Vine so well with leaders from the community.  The more I think about it, I'm a lucky kid to be at Vine because this school has made me who I am today.  We are all just one big family that rises up together and nobody gets left behind.

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