Executive Principal


    I am extremely blessed to be returning in my sixth year as Principal of Vine Middle Magnet School. I am an Austin-East High School alumnae (c/o 1990 #beepbeep!) I know and love this community with all of my heart, and my story is that it was educators in our schools who saved my life by recognizing my potential.  I am here to pay that service forward to the bright and beautiful Golden Bears at Vine Middle Magnet School.

    The 2022-2023 school year will mark my 27th year as an educator.  I was a high school English/Language Arts teacher for 16 years and this is my 10th year in Administration.  I can't think of any greater honor than of serving our students and helping to Empower Them to be the Best Versions of Themselves through undertaking challenging coursework, understanding the connection to that coursework to their lives and their future, and realizing the impact of a strong community. 

    Middle school is an important time of growth and change in our students' lives. I will strive to be the leader who helps all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, families and community members, to pour into this community's future leaders.

    My personal mission at Vine is that we increase the Challenge in our classrooms, leveraging our Connections within and without school walls, making a stronger Vine Community.

    Email: desiree.jones@knoxschools.org

    Phone: 865-594-4461

    Twitter: @DesireeOJones


    Specialist in Education (Ed.S), University of Tennessee, Knoxville--2013
    Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction (M.S.), University of Tennessee, Knoxville--1996
    Bachelor of Arts in English (B.A.),  University of Tennessee, Knoxville--1994

    Teaching Experience:

    1996-2008:  English Teacher, South Doyle High School
    2008-2011:  English Teacher and Department Chair, Hardin Valley Academy
    2011-2012:  TAP Master Teacher, Austin-East High School
    Administrative Experience:
    2012-2013:  Leadership Academy Fellow and Assistant Principal, Carter High School
    2013-2015:  Assistant Principal, Vine Middle Magnet School
    2015-2017:  Assitant Principal and Curriculum Principal, Fulton High School
    2017- Present: Executive Principal, Vine Middle Magnet School