•  Mrs. Jones “Continuing Excellence: Academic Growth, Culture and Community”

    Vine Middle Magnet School Students, Parents and Community:

    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

    We as a school community know how unique and brilliant every Vine Middle Magnet student can be. We have faith in their potential to do excellent things.  It is because of this faith that we have high expectations of them. 

    All of the teachers, staff and administrators in this building are here to support students, and would love to partner with parents, guardians and community members to make that support universal.  To that end, please read the VMMS Student Agenda book carefully, as students and parents will be responsible for knowledge of everything contained within.

    It is your right to know how we will support students and to have open communication about your child; it is your responsibility to follow the procedures, policies, and expectations of both Vine Middle Magnet School and the Knox County School System.

    This year our goal is that VMMS teachers, supported by VMMS Support Staff, Classified Staff, and Administrators, are going to help VMMS students increase their academic achievement through maximizing the culture and community of our school. 

    We are going to Continue the Excellence that has begun at Vine Middle Magnet School. High expectations for ownership of academic goals as well as behavioral goals will be in place for students.  Our goal is to prepare our students for high school and beyond, as we are training the next generation of leaders. Vine leaders are Kind, Respectful, Responsible and Safe.

    I am looking forward to a momentous year full of challenges and triumphs as we learn and grow together.


    Mrs. Desirée Jones, Ed.S.