• Frequently Asked Questions 
     What is a Magnet School?

    A Magnet school is defined as a school that provides unique learning opportunities in a specific area of theme not offered at other Knox County Schools.

     How many students attend Vine on a Magnet Transfer?

    Magnet Transfers make up approximately 25% of our student population.  Students come from all over Knox County as shown on the map below:
    Magnet Footprint  
    What is the significance of STEAM at Vine Middle Magnet School?

    STEAM is defined as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Vine has always operated as a Performing Arts Magnet School, but in an effort to strengthen our curriculum we have added the STEM disciplines to create a unique and engaging classroom environment. Our STEAM principles expose students to authentic, real world learning environments that go beyond the classroom.

     What is so unique about Vine Middle Magnet School?

    Vine offers a variety of classroom curriculum in which the STEAM principles are used to enhance the learning of one content area by adding cross-curricular elements to create an engaging and innovative learning environment. 

    For students who thrive in a creative environment, Vine also offers the Vine Dance Company of Modern and West African Dance, a Chorus Group, Band, West African Drums, an Art Club and a Technology based classroom. 

    After-School programs are used to offer additional tutoring opportunities, as well as multiple clubs and groups where community and business leaders offer their experience to enhance learning. 

     What is the cost of attending a Magnet School?

    There is no cost associated with attending a Magnet school since we are a part of the Knox County School District. 

     Who can apply to a Magnet School? 

    Any out-of-zone student interested in learning at a Magnet School may apply during the Application and Transfer Period. In-zone students will automatically receive a seat to the Magnet School in which they are zoned. 

     How is transportation handled for Magnet Schools?

    Because of the wide-ranging appeal of the programing at these schools and the geographically diverse student population that programming attracts, transportation has to be handled a little differently than it is for typical zoned schools. Please check the Transportation portal for specific route information. 


    Interested in seeing the unique programs at Vine?  Contact Rich McKinney (Magnet Facilitator), 865-594-4461 or rich.mckinney@knoxschools.org to schedule a tour of our campus.