• Dear Golden Bears,

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

    Vine Middle Magnet School is continuing to grow as a school family. On August 5, 2019, we will open our doors to over 500 Golden Bears in grades 6-8. We are continuously moving toward increasing the Challenge in our classrooms, leveraging our CONNECTIONS with students, staff, and Community, and becoming more inviting to our Families and Community as a whole.

    Our mission at Vine Middle Magnet School still stands: Over 75 staff and faculty, 500 students, countless parents, stakeholders, community members, and one Vision: To Empower All Golden Bears be the Best Versions of Themselves.

    In order to achieve that vision, we need for our students to be present at school EVERY DAY. Our students can’t learn if they are not in class, and if they are in class, they have a greater chance to graduate from high school and become college and career ready. We need you to help us to stress how important our students are to our classroom communities to our larger school community.

    This year, we will focus on what we are learning, why we are learning it, and how do we know the progress toward our goals. We will leverage our connections with kids and the community to help support our students to grow in their levels of achievement. We invite parents, family members, and our community to join us in this journey.  In order to achieve, we all need to be involved and know these three important areas of focus.  

    You can help us in our mission by providing your input. Never be afraid to ask a question or challenge the status quo.  We value you and your perspective. 

    Support our students in their extra-curricular activites, and lend your voice to the Vine School Community. Help us to To Empower All Golden Bears be the Best Versions of Themselves through all aspects of Vine Middle Magnet School.

    I am looking forward to this year and continued growth as a school community and finding our WHAT, WHY, and HOW through #ChallengeConnectionsCommunity.



    Mrs. Desirée Jones, Ed.S.       

    Principal, Vine Middle Magnet School