• Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC)
    JROTC is a program provided jointly by the Knox County Schools System and the United States Department of Defense.  Currently the program is operated by the Air Force in two schools. the Army in two schools, and the Navy in five schools.  While some aspects of the JROTC program may vary somewhat according to differences among Air Force, Army, and navy regulations, all services present a curriculum designed to help each student achieve the following goals:  (1) Develop habits of orderliness, precision, and respect for authority in our society, (2) Instill patriotism, (3) Develop a high degree os personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership, (4) Instill pride, self-respect confidence, and a desire to do one's best in any endeavor, and (5) Promote a basic understanding of national security requirements and the role of the armed service in the national defense structure.  After completion of JROTC I, the student may continue in the Advanced JROTC on a space-available basis.  Two semesters of JROTC will satisfy the "Lifetime Wellness" graduation requirement.