• Marching Band /Concert Band/ Color Guard Course Description
    Provides students with the opportunity of continuing the study and performance of music emphasizing traditional band literature and selected orchestral transcriptions.  The course focuses on the study of the elements of music and the development of individual and group performance skills.  Individual practice, after-school practice and rehearsal sessions, and performances are required.  Performance opportunities include marching band, concert band, invitational and audition clinics, festivals, and contests.  Can be taken for multiple credits.  Prerequisites: Previous experience and teacher approval; instructors's signature.  
    The concert band is a musical group concentrating their skills on musical performances for advanced woodwinds, brass, and percussion performance.  These bands play a variety of styles and types of music selected form the standard high school band repertoire.  The goal of this course is to develop a proficiency on a chosen instrument through rehearsals, lessons and various performances. This band will have several performance opportunities throughout the semester.  Through this class the students will improve instrumental skills, elevate performance skills as well as develop an understanding of the performance process.  All National Music Standards are addressed an the highest expectations of musicianship and behavior are expected. Rehearsals and performances during the school day, before and after the regular school day, as well as on non-school days, may be required.   
    Course Syllabus