• Chorus/Ensemble Course Description
    Female and Male Choral students study and perform a wide variety of sacred and secular choral literature of easy to medium difficulty from all historical and performance styles.  Emphasis is placed on the development of individual and ensemble skills in vocal production, tone quality, diction, intonation, balance and blend, sight-reading and music reading, and ensemble esprit de corps.  Previous choral experience is not a prerequisite but would be beneficial.  Performances and after-school rehearsals are required.  Can be taken for multiple credits.  
    Ensemble consists of students with previous choral experience selected by audition.  The nature of the group may vary according to the discretion of the director and the needs of the school music program.  Emphasis is placed on an advanced degree of musicianship, increased harmonic and rhythmic reading skills, and increased performance skills.  Opportunities are provided for performance in school and community.  Performances and after-school rehearsals are required.  Choreography and/or costumes may be required by the teachers for some ensembles.  This is an auditioned group.  Can be taken for multiple credits.