Gibbs High School is proud of its athletics program. Although academics are of primary importance, an excellent athletic program in itself can be a very meaningful learning experienceWe believe that athletics enhances a student athlete’s opportunity to learn; and helps create within him/her a greater desire to improve one-self. Our goal in athletics is to help the student athlete reach his/her potential academically as well as athletically and to become a more productive member of society after having participated in our athletic program.

    Note: Students who are interested in participating in college sports should start the certification process early, (NCAA Clearing House) usually by the end of their junior year. Information concerning the certification process is available in both the Guidance Office and the Athletic Director’s office.   

    Athletic Program Goals

    1.       To develop self-confidence and a positive self-concept

    2.       To set and work toward accomplishment of goals

    3.       To grow socially, emotionally, and physically in a nurturing environment

    4.       To learn teamwork and cooperation

    5.       To develop a desire to excel

    6.       To learn to treat others as we would have others treat us

    7.       To receive self-satisfaction of accomplishment and enjoyment of participation

    8.       To develop an awareness and respect for a high degree of physical fitness through exercise and good health habits