• Making a Referral

    There are many ways for parents, students or staff members to ask for a referral to the Counselor.
    Parents can contact the Counselor directly by using this referral form: Parent referral Form
    Parents may still contact the Counselor by phone (865-689-1497 Ext 25616) or email (Counselor's email), if parents are visiting the school they can ask to see the Counselor personally (based upon availability), or they can talk with their student's teacher.
    For students there are many options:
     - They may click here for a referral form: Student referral Form 
     - They may stop Ms. Huyck when they see her in the hall and ask her for a meeting. 
     - They may ask their teacher to see the Counselor.
     - They may ask their parents to contact Ms. Huyck directly. 
    Gibbs Elementary Staff can also refer students to Ms. Huyck using this staff use only form: GES Staff Referral Form
    Parents may also request to speak with Gibbs Social Worker.  The Social Worker can assist with many types of services. His name is Brian Tunstall and here is his referral form: Referral for Social Worker Services
  • School Counselor

    Nadine Huyck M.A., NCC
    Professional School Counselor
     Monday - Friday
    7715 Tazewell Pike
    Corryton, TN 37721
    865-689-1497 ext 25616
    Jessy Alva M.S.C.
    Professional School Counselor
     Monday Tuesday and Friday
    7715 Tazewell Pike
    Corryton, TN 37721
    865-689-1497 ext 25682