• Knox Co. Schools Attendance Policy

    According to School Board policy, maximum effort is made in all classrooms to provide a quality learning experience each day; therefore, time out of a class represents a loss of valuable learning.  Knox County’s policies for attendance are designed to encourage students to take personal responsibility for their class attendance and tardies, to provide an opportunity for students to make up work missed, and to eliminate excessive absences from their attendance record. (JB)

     Students with five (5) or more unexcused absences from school will receive a letter from Juvenile Court warning of potential court action.  If student continues accruing unexcused absences, the student and parent will be required to attend a Juvenile Court hearing.  These absences are cumulative for the entire school year and relate to school absences only, not individual class absences.   Excused absences for the following reasons do not count toward those reported to Juvenile Court.  Documentation must be submitted within five (5) days of absence(s). You are also allowed 10 parent notes per school year for reason(s) printed below.

    ·         Personal or family illness

    ·         Hardship in family 

    ·         Death in family 

    ·         Court

    ·         Religious holidays

    School Social Worker’s Mission Statement

    Knox County Schools Licensed School Social Workers function as a vital link to identify barriers and facilitate changes in the home, school, and community that affect students' abilities to develop their full social, emotional, and academic potential.

    School Social Workers are primarily concerned with providing services to students and parents, working with school personnel, and improving school-community relations.  The services that can be provided by this department vary with the needs of the schools to which the worker is assigned.  Please, do not hesitate if you need any assistance in school or in the community. 

    South Doyle High School currently has two social workers.

    Ms. Rachel Sexton- 9th/10th Grades Social Worker, email: rachel.sexton@knoxschools.org

    Mrs. Shanawaski Saint Preux- 11th/12th Grades Social Worker, email: shanawaski.saintpreux@knoxschools.org , Phone # 865-577-4475, ext. 74908