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Encore Rotation Schedule

The encore rotation schedule for the school year is available at this link. You may use this to figure out which encore class your student will attend daily. Ask your child which bear family they are in (red, orange, yellow, green or blue).  Students attend Encore classes with their bear family.


Please remember to send your student in safe-moving shoes on days they have P.E. and in clothes that your student can freely move in on days they have Dance (please no tights on dance days as students will remove socks and shoes). Additionally, the library class schedule can be accessed at this link.

Currently* the rotation is as follows: 

Monday - Day 3

Tuesday - Day 4

Wednesday - Day 5

Thursday - Day 1

Friday - Day 2

(*Updated March 18, 2024. This may change with any holidays, special assemblies, or inclement weather days. We will make updates as soon as possible when the rotation changes.)