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    You never know what you might experience when you walk in the #DFL music lounge.  You may travel to the past through a time machine, which will allow you to see music’s progression through history.  Or you might board an airplane, to travel to distant countries to experience music from foreign lands.  Our music program strives to be unique by including a variety of highly motivating opportunities. Students are introduced to African drums, steel drums, Little Bits synth kits, keyboards, acoustic guitars, and Orff instruments.  These provide opportunities for students to experience an array of music genres.  Through studying both historically relevant music and current artists, students are allowed to explore musical styles from many cultures.

    Music teacher, Mrs. Notess thinks she has the best gig in town!


    Steel Drum Band Performance

    At Dogwood, we strive to connect our students with community musicians.  We have exposure to steel drum performances from Vere Henry, blues music from Barry Faust, and jazz music from Brian Clay.