• Hous Leaders

    Students in 1st - 4th grade have the opportunity to apply to be house leaders.  After they complete the application. they are required to write a speech and deliver that speech in front of their grade level house members.  They are then voted on by their peers. Once elected, they are required to remain in good standing by following our 25 Dolphin Decrees.  They must also have solid attendance and arrive to school on time.  They attend house meetings to collaborate with fellow house leaders to write agendas for their house meetings.  They then practice speaking into a microphone so they can lead the meetings.  Each house has a 5th-grade house mentor who assists leaders.

    House Leaders are lead by our encore team. 

    Oliver Oliva Sid Mill


    Chant Leaders

    Chant leaders are students in 1st - 4th grade who act as cheerleaders and Hype Men.  They greet their house members at the door ensuring they are pumped up and ready for the meetings.  They also lead the chants both in meetings, during parades, and even during lunch.  

    Chant Leaders are lead by our encore team. 

     Leader 2 Shac Samantha Jordan


    House Leaders

    Mentors are assigned to each house to help the leaders set meeting agendas, practice speeches and encourage them. Mentors are selected by the staff house committee and are typically fifth graders.  

     Z Owen Jessica Lyric


    Ambassadors are 4th and 5th graders who have great leadership potential.   In order to be an ambassador, students must fill out an application, get three staff recommendations, and then endure a panel interview that includes staff and administrators. Approximately 30 students are selected each year.  Students learn how to communicate effectively in a variety of situations including giving speeches, working the room, or participating in a panel discussion.  Ambassadors compete in the Great Shake to see who has, among other things, the best handshake. 

    Ambassadors are lead by Mrs. Chollman and Mrs. Delapp .

    Red Carpet Lyric Trent_Owen


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    Safety Patrol




    The #DFL Safety Patrol is a select group of Fifth Graders that are committed to providing a safe school environment for all students at Dogwood Elementary School. A Safety Patrol member models our SOAR expectations and follows the Dolphin Decree.

    Safety Patrol is lead by Karen Talley and Krstin Pratt. 

    Safety Safety

    Safety 2 Safety