• In order to promote 21st century skills and to better prepare our students for college and career opportunities, Whittle Springs Middle School will be rolling out 1:1 Technology for the 2016-17 School Year. Each student will be provided with a Chromebook that they will use for instruction and assessment in each of their classes in order to personalize their learning experience. Students will be Day Users and they will receive their Chromebooks each morning when they arrive at school and will turn them back in at the end of the day
    By incorporating this plan, the WSMS Administration, Leadership Team and Faculty and Staff anticipates the following in the first year:
    • Students encountering a more personalized approach to learning
    • Students taking more ownership in the learning process
    • Students who are fully engaged in lessons that require synthesis, creation, and evaluation
    • Students who are able to collaborate with each other to accomplish complex learning tasks
    • Teachers who collaborate to offer interdisciplinary learning
    • Teachers providing increased levels of differentiated instruction
    • Teachers who maximize instructional time
    Students will learn to become tech-savvy in a way that will properly prepare them for college and the work force. Students will develop habits of time management, personal organization and other life skills that best fit their learning style. Technology is a part of our lives, and we are all users of it!  It is our goal is to develop digital citizenship amongst a new generation of learners!