PHS Coat of Arms
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    Powell High School
    Student Code of Ethics
    I am a Powell Panther, great by choice.  I wear my orange and black with Panther Pride.  Being a Powell Panther means I attend "Knoxville's Best" High School.  I am part of a century-old tradition of academic excellence.   I am part of a community that stands behind my school with pride, support and enthusiasm for what is happening in the classrooms, hallways, and athletic fields.  I walk the same hallways, sit in the same classrooms, and play on the same athletic fields that generations before me learned and played upon.  I am great by choice.  I am part of a new generation facing new challenges and greater expectations than any generation before me.  I will not fear the challenges and expectations that lay before me because I am a Powell Panther.  I will respect those around me, while remaining true to my personal convictions and the Powell High School code of conduct.  I will always strive to help others by serving the Powell community and taking pride in my school.  Although I stand as an individual, I accept the responsibility of being part of Knoxville's Best" high school.

    I am a Powell Panther, great by choice!