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How does a student see a School Counselor?

Stop by and make an appointment before school or between classes...Request of a counselor...Parent referral...Administrative referral...Teacher referral...Referral by friends...
Who is my School Counselor?
9th grade: Jen Beckler jennifer.beckler@knoxschools.org
BLPA: Diego Contreras diego.contreras@knoxschools.org
Health Science: Rachel Scarbro rachel.scarbro@knoxschools.org
Liberal Arts: Anna Graham anna.graham@knoxschools.org
STEM: Ashli Beeler(Department Chair) ashli.beeler@knoxschools.org
The mission of the Hardin Valley Academy Counseling program is to provide services that foster both personal and educational growth. Our department is student centered and relationship focused. We will tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each student within their small learning community. Our goal is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge, personal and social skills that will aid them in their transition to higher education or a career path.
The vision of the Hardin Valley Academy Counseling program is to aid students in reaching their full potential on an academic, college/career, and social/emotional level. The counseling program will help to empower students to create  and achieve goals, become independent thinkers, and leaders in the school and community.
Phone number: 865-690-9690     School Counseling Fax Number: 865-539-5439
College Admission Officers: To schedule a visit, use the online scheduler below. Questions?:contact anna.graham@knoxschools.org
HVA school code: 431-102
For new enrollees: All documentation is required at time of enrollment. Please check the enrollment checklist on the left side of this page for details.
On the home page of the website, please view a 5 minute video tour of HVA!
College Admissions Officers: Want to schedule a visit to HVA? Use our online scheduler to reserve your time: https://repvisits.com/
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