• Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are divided into four distinct learning communities or academies. Students can earn an endorsement in their academy by completing senior portfolio requirements.

    Freshmen begin in the Freshman Academy and move into one of the four other academies at the start of their sophomore year. Freshmen apply for a pathway of study that determines their academy. For more information on each academy, choose from the menu on the right.


  • Each academy offers an endorsement that outlines a defined pathway of study. Endorsement candidates go beyond graduation requirements to complete an academic research course, non-credit job shadowing, and service hours. Endorsees are recognized at graduation with special cords worn around the neck, graduating first among their academy peers, an embossed academy seal on the physical diploma, and an identification on the endorsee's academic transcript. Endorsements are key for each student's post-secondary options whether they be collegiate, technical-school, or career-readiness.