• Hardin Valley Academy consists of four distinct learning communities or academies.

    Below are brief descriptions about each academy.

  • BLPA Academy


    The Business, Law, and Public Affairs Academy offers opportunities to learn about legal processes, institutions, and history providing the foundation for careers in business, law, public affairs, government, and criminal justice enabling students to serve mankind in a meaningful and rewarding way.  As our world becomes more populated and crowding gives rise to friction, new generations of societal "peace keepers" will increasingly be in demand.

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    The focus of the Health Science Academy is to prepare our students with the knowledge, skills, character, and attitudes necessary for success in health related fields at every level.  If you are interested in becoming a nurse, neurologist, dentist, veterinarian, physical therapist, radiologist, emergency medical technician, neonatologist, biomedical researcher, or any other health-related professional, this is the academy for you!  We will individualize your curriculum to help you achieve your highest possible preparation for the career you are interested in.  We will challenge you to excel academically; we will ask you to develop a sense of caring for others; we will encourage you to become the best person you can be.

  • Liberal Arts Academy


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    Throughout history as civilizations have flourished each has left an imprint of its culture through language, literature, music, art, history, science, and academic accomplishment.  The study of these disciplines was soon adopted by each subsequent civilization.In ancient Greece, Cleisthenes allowed for public involvement in politics. When founding democracy, Cleisthenes saw that with. a politically active populace there was a need for a public education system based on the humanities.  In the 400’s AD, the Romans developed a professional education system based on the Seven Liberal Arts:grammar, dialect, rhetoric, geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music.These studies were infused into daily society in order to create a well rounded populace.  Today at Hardin Valley Academy, we see the value in all of these disciplines and the worth they possess in shaping young people’s lives. A truly well-rounded education empowers young people to make productive life choices.

    In order to create a curriculum based on the liberal arts, a myriad of disciplines were brought together. Students are challenged with rigorous standards and extremely high expectations. Students are encouraged to seek out endorsements in the liberal arts by completing hands-on experiences in their particular field of interest. To qualify for an endorsement students must meet challenging standards throughout their high school careers.

    Endorsement areas include Humanities, Language Arts, World Languages, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Pre-Teaching, and Career Readiness.


  •  The STEM Academy at Hardin Valley


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    What's STEM?

    STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. If you love math and science, are interested in learning how the world works and is put together, and/or can't get enough of computers and the latest techy gadgets, you belong in the STEM Academy. STEM students are smart, motivated, and don't mind asking questions or thinking outside the box. If you want to learn how to use math, science, logic, computers and technology to make the world a better place to live, you will gain the knowledge and skills through STEM courses.

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