"Our mission is to enable all students to achieve their personal best."  

    We believe that a child’s experience at A. L. Lotts is the beginning of a learning process that includes: 

    * High academic standards guided by research-based data
    * The desire to learn
    * The achievement of one’s personal best
    * The confidence to succeed
    * The development of study skills that encourage independence
    * The development of personal responsibility and respect for one’s self and others
    * A partnership between community and school
    * A positive learning environment that is nurturing, safe, and structured 

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is a continuously renewed effort to enable students and staff to achieve 
    their personal best.  As students, standards, and guidelines change, we want to 
    continually assess progress and adjust methods and expectations accordingly.
    This will require growth for all concerned which will include the movement toward 
    the use of technology in an increasingly purposeful manner.