Book Fair:  Students have the opportunity to view and purchase classics, non-fiction, fiction, newly published, and award winning books.  It is usually held in the fall.

    Coupon Book Sale:  A. L. Lotts participates in this county-wide event early in the school year.  This is our primary fundraising event of the school year, and we have led the system in sales since 1993, when the school opened.  During the past four years, we have utilized the proceeds to develop the playground (including equipment, the basketball court, and the walking path) on the west side of the school, to significantly upgrade the technology in our school, and to add thousands of dollars of equipment and materials to our classrooms and special area programs.  We appreciate the support of our parents, staff, and community in this important event!

    Fun Day:  Traditionally held the last week of school, this event is organized for students to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities as a celebration of the school year.

    International Children's Day:  Special area teachers and fifth grade students lead the student body in a special program to honor children around the world.  

    Laura Ingalls Wilder Day:  Fourth grade students are immersed in activities of life on the prairie.  It is usually held in the spring.

    Open School:  This event traditionally kicks off our school year.  Parents and students are invited to tour the school and meet the teachers and staff.  (See calendar for date and time.)

    Parent Nights:  Each grade level of parents has the opportunity to meet the classroom teacher(s), hear an overview of the year, and ask questions.  (See calendar for date and time.)

    Wax Museum:  Fifth grade students become famous people from the past and present.  It is usually held in the spring.