• There are many ways for a student or parent to ask for a referral to the counselor. Parents can contact the counselor directly by phone or email (Tia.Kenyon@knoxschools.org). If parents are visiting the school, they can ask to see the counselor personally, or they can talk with their student’s teacher. Teacher’s will also have referral sheets that they can fill out or the students can fill out.

     Student Referrals 

    Many times, students refer themselves to me. At the beginning of the year, all students learn the three ways they can get some time with Mrs. Kenyon:

    1. Write me a note and leave it in my mailbox. My mailbox is located next to my office door.

    2. Tell their teacher that they would like to talk with me. Teachers may email me or call me to let me know about a student. Teachers are great at relaying these requests.

    3. Tell their parent that they would like to talk with me. Parents can call or email me at anytime throughout the year. Parents can also fill out the parent referral form. Please click here: Parent Referral Form 2023-2024