• Halls Elementary Inclement Weather Dismissal 2019-2020


    In the event of inclement weather, please tune in to Radio or TV stations for the most updated closings. You should also receive a KCS school messenger. Please do not call the school as we receive the closing alerts via the same communication as parents/guardians.


    If school is canceled early, buses will run if possible. The KCS school messenger notifying of the closing should address the buses.


    Please check with your daycare to confirm their inclement weather policy. Oftentimes, our daycare providers do not pick up on inclement weather days.



    Thank you,

    HES Staff




    **Please complete the information below and return to your child’s teacher concerning transportation on inclement weather days.



    Teacher’s name _____________________


    If school is closed early due to inclement weather, my child


    (student’s name)___________________________ will follow the following procedure(s).






    Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________


    Phone Number ____________________________