• Welcome to the Halls Elementary School Counseling Page

     Hello students and parents!

     My name is Tia Kenyon and I feel so fortunate to be the full-time counselor at Halls Elementary School. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with the amazing students and staff members.

    School counseling plans for the year will include classroom lessons, small group lessons, and individual counseling. We are so excited about this year and all of the changes that it will bring.

    Through the comprehensive developmental school counseling program, We aim to maximize academic growth, social/emotional development, and career awareness for the students at HES. We will do this through individual counseling, small groups, and classroom guidance.

    In one-on-one and in group sessions, we are planning on using solution-focused brief counseling. We believe that our students need to learn how to solve their own problems. By “fixing” their problems for them, we do them a disservice. We plan to work with students to make sure they have the skills to deal with social and relational issues.

    If you have any questions, please let either one of us know. We hope to have a wonderful year with our students!


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