• Fourth Grade Supply List



    For Homeroom:

    Pack of highlighters

    Zip-Up Trapper Keeper with strap and/or handle                                                                       (teacher specific-Munsey, Capps, Chapman)

    Box of Kleenex (2)

    Colored Pencils

    Pencil pouch that clips into Trapper Keeper

    Ticonderoga Pencils


    For Reading:

      1 1-inch white binder with clear cover

      pack of 5 dividers

    For Math:

      pack of Dry Erase markers (2)

      5 subject spiral bound notebook

      Eraser for whiteboard

    For Science:

      1 folder hole punched (any color)

      spiral notebook (any color)

    For Social Studies:

      1 folder hole punched (any color)