• Farragut High School Education Foundation - Community Support for Education

    Farragut High School is dedicated to providing an environment which will enable students to develop and to continue the lifelong academic, cultural, and physical aspects of learning in order to foster visionary, progressive individuals who strive toward excellence with a sense of global and technological awareness and who will go forth to serve the community and world as responsible citizens.


    An Appeal for Community Support

    The Knox County Board of Education has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to providing quality education for our students, but in these days of increased financial pressures on our already overstressed budget, we need to find new ways of funding the necessary innovative programs and state-of-the-art technology to keep FHS students on the cutting edge of times.

    While FHS has had a long tradition of academic achievement, the demands on its resources are greater than ever. With our ever-rising number of students at Farragut High School, we need your assistance to continue its tradition of academic excellence. To this end, the Farragut High School Education Foundation has been established to facilitate community involvement in raising funds for the integration of technology in all areas of curriculum, and to help provide for the general needs of FHS that may not be met by public funding.

    Please visit our website for more information: https://www.fhsef.org

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    Email: FHSedfnd@gmail.com