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    “Wrestling is no longer just a BOYS sport."
    In fact, Women's wrestling is the fastest growing sport in the WORLD!
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    You don't inspire your TEAMMATES by showing them how 
    You inspire your TEAMMATES by showing them how 
    We Are...Lady Admirals Wrestling!!!
  • At Farragut High School we believe that success in wrestling, as in life, comes through thoughtful preparation and sincere commitment to improving through learning.  Opportunities in life are at best difficult to anticipate, but preparation can be a constant achievable goal. At Farragut High School, the team comes before the individual.  By doing this, by being good teammates, individual glory will come.  For maximum team accomplishment each individual must prepare him or herself to the best of their ability and then put their talents to work for the team.  There is no pretense in such a philosophy.  We are what we make of ourselves and what we give of ourselves.

Coaching Staff


    Head Coach

    • David Garabrandt
    • Coach Garabrandt

    Asst. Coaches                      

    • Jason Stinnett
    • Coach Stinnett