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    11/11/20 Update:  Five Points on Final Grade in AP Courses 

     Students must take the AP Exam in order to receive the extra five points added to their final course grade. Seniors will get their five points added at the end of the fall semester, underclass students in grades 9-11 will have the five points added at the end of the spring semester. So if you are an underclass student taking a fall AP class and you end the course with a 91, your grade will be adjusted to a 96 at the end of the spring semester--possibly raising your GPA--ONLY if you take the AP Exam. If you do not take the exam or a makeup exam, your grade will not be raised. 

    Why should I take an AP Exam?

    AP Exams are not required, but there are *many* benefits for students who choose to undertake the challenge. The exam is the capstone experience of taking an AP course, and unlike any other exam they have taken so far. Preparing for an AP exam teaches many valuable lessons about preparation, pacing, perseverance, and achieving a difficult goal. Students can learn how they learn best, which is excellent preparation for college, career, and life beyond.
    These dividends pay off in other courses and in a student's life.
    Many college offer credit hours for a passing exam grade, and course hours are expensive!
    AP can be a good bargain for a student who is willing to put in the work. See the AP CLASSROOM section below for how a student can access preparatory and review materials for their exams in the spring.


    AP Exam Dates: May 2021





    Regular | Reduced

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    Monday, May 3

    8:00 AM

    US Government & Politics

    $95 | $23

    Text @chsapusg to 81010

    Tuesday, May 4

    8:00 AM

    Calculus BC

    $95 | $23

    Text @apcalchs to 81010

    Tuesday, May 4

    12:00 PM

    Human Geography

    $95 | $23

    Text @chsaphuma to 81010 

    Thursday, May 6

    8:00 AM

    United States History

    $95 | $23

    Text @chsapushis to 81010

    Wednesday, May 12

    8:00 AM

    English Language & Comp

    $95 | $23

    Text @chsapen to 81010 

    Friday, May 14

    8:00 AM


    $95 | $23

    Contact Alisha Gilbert

    Exams can be paid for online or by checks and money orders made out to Carter High School. Please include your name and the exam(s) you are taking in the memo line.  If you pay in cash, please bring exact change.

    Bring all order forms and cash/checks to Mrs. Briano in the library.


    All students should be registered in AP Classroom at this time. See your AP teacher if you have questions about this. By default, all students are marked in the system as YES for taking the AP exam. Mrs. Briano will only mark you as NO if you complete an Opt Out form that is signed by you, your teacher, your adult at home, and your counselor. If you decide you want to take the AP exam after the College Board deadline of November 13, then you will have to pay $40 to register late. 

    COMING SOON: review resources


    Do I have to pay online? I saw a payment attached to my School Cash Online account.

    No, you do not have to pay online. All students in each fall or year long AP class have the full price attached to their account automatically. If you pay with cash or check you can ignore the online payment.

    Why is it more expensive to order exams online?

    It is more expensive to order online because of the surcharge from the online payment company.

    How do I pay online?

    If you pay through School Cash Online, the cost of the exam will be $100 (full price) and $25 (reduced fee) to cover the fees charged by the online payment company.

    I want to pay online but my adult at home didn't get an email.

    This is likely because you don't have an account with School Cash Online. If you do not have an account with School Cash Online, you can make one by clicking the link above. If you are still having trouble, contact Emily Briano or Tina Eastridge, the CHS bookkeeper. 

    How do I pay for my exams online at the reduced rate?

    Complete the financial aid application attached to the order form (received in class or downloadable above), return it to Mrs. Briano, tell her you wish to pay online, and she will have the reduced fee attached to your School Cash Online account.

    What do I do after I order online?

    Bring your receipt and a copy of a completed order form to Emily Briano in the library or email them to her at emily.briano@knoxschools.org 

    Why are the deadlines different from online ordering and cash/check ordering?

    It takes 48-72 hours for payments to process through School Cash Online, so this is why there is an earlier deadline for online payments. If you have issues or questions about your online payments, contact Emily Briano or Tina Eastridge, the CHS bookkeeper. 

    College Board Cancellation Policy Change

    If you decide NOT to take an exam after ordering it in the fall, there is NO $40 cancellation fee this year and your money can be returned to you. Cancellation forms MUST be received to Mrs. Briano by March 10, 2021 or else you will NOT receive a refund. More information will be published in the spring of 2021. More info from College Board can be found here.


    You only need to apply for financial aid once per school year.  If you submit an approved financial aid form in the fall, you will automatically qualify for assistance in the spring. 



    If you know you DO NOT want to take the AP exam for your fall class, you MUST turn in an Opt Out Form for Mrs. Briano's records. You can download one here or get one from the library. You will not receive the extra five points on your final grade at the end of the semester.