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  • Mission


    The mission of the School Counseling Department at Carter Middle School is to provide services to all students within a positive, supportive environment. The comprehensive school counseling program collaborates with administration, teachers, and parents to meet students’ developmental needs. These needs are identified through needs assessments to deliver interventions using evidence-based program and evolves through data analysis and outcomes. Through the school counseling program, ALL students will be challenged to explore their passions, interests, and talents leading to increased engagement and continued growth. As a result, all students will be able to identify personal strengths that can be applied to achieve their academic, career, and social/emotional goals. Our school counseling program follows the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the Tennessee School Counselor Association (TSCA) standards. 




    Knox County students are high-achieving learners who are well prepared to meet the challenges and high expectations of the 21st century. All students have the opportunity to participate in rigorous curriculum and high-quality opportunities for self-directed personal growth supported by a comprehensive school counseling program that facilitates strategic partnerships between the school, family and community.


    Knox County Schools - School Counselors BelieveStudent achievement is maximized by participation in a comprehensive school counseling program that is planned, managed, delivered and evaluated by licensed professional school counselors. Data must be analyzed and translated into goals that guide the development of the comprehensive counseling program promoting student achievement.All students can achieve and meet high standards that will result in college and career successSchool counselors must be leaders, advocates and collaborators who create equitable access to rigorous curriculum and opportunities for self-directed personal growth for every student.Applying the Asca ethical standards for school counselors empowers school counselors to make decisions based on the highest moral principles to promote the maximum development of every student.

  • Confidentiality Statement
     Confidentiality is very important! All information shared with a School Counselor will remain confidential unless:

    A student reports they have a plan to harm him or herself.

    A student reports they have a plan to hurt someone else.

    A student reports abuse.