Printable 6th Grade Supply List



    2021-2022 6th grade Supply List Carter Middle School


    General Supplies: Needed for EACH class the ENTIRE school year. ★ Loose-leaf notebook paper
    ★ Pencils
    ★ Colored Pencils - 12 count

    ★ Pencil pouch of some sort to keep supplies in and carry around throughout the day ★ Earbuds or over the ear headphones
    ★ Blue, black, or red ink pens
    ★ Handheld pencil sharpeners with shavings catch (not battery operated)

    ★ Yellow highlighters


    1 spiral notebook
    1 folder with pockets



    1 3-ring DURABLE binder (any color, 1 inch) 1 5 tab dividers
    1 5 subject spiral notebook (prefer five star with the plastic cover because it is more durable)


    1 3-ring DURABLE binder (any color, 1 inch)
    1 pack of 5 tab dividers


    1 3-ring DURABLE binder (any color, 1 inch)

    Teacher Wishlist:

    ★ Lots and lots of pencils ★ Lots and lots of Kleenex ★ Dry erase markers
    ★ Cap erasers

    ★ Post-it notes ★ Glue sticks ★ Color pencils ★ Markers

    ★ Crayons
    ★ Bags of individually-wrapped candy for in-class incentives