Counseling Department Mission Statement

    To execute the TN Comprehensive School Counseling Standards to the highest quality, which can be individualized to meet the needs of all students. Our program strives to promote growth and support in the areas of academics, college & career exploration, and social/emotional development. This is implemented through individual counseling, small groups, and classroom lessons. The end goal is to equip students with the education, skills/strategies, and self-advocacy confidence that will help them be successful in their future endeavors. 


    Vision Statement

    To create a challenging learning environment where students feel safe to experiment and express curiosity in order to develop a life-long love of learning and self-growth. 


    TN STATE School Counseling Standards

    The state school counseling standards are the framework from which all of our lessons and activities are derived from to ensure that Hardin Valley Middle School students receive the fullest range of counseling services during their 3 years in middle school. Link to state school couseling standards