• HVMS Counseling Referrals


    How to Submit a Counseling Referral:

    • Parents, if you would like to refer your child to our counseling services, please fill out the following form: Parent Referral Form


    • Students, if you would like to schedule an appointment with your counselor, please click on your counselor's name below to schedule an appointment. There is also a video provided to walk you through the process. Click for Video


    Ms. Celena Davis- 6th Grade Counselor: (Schedule an Appointment with Ms. Davis)

    Mrs. Kendall Kobler- 7th Grade Counselor: (Schedule an Appointment with Mrs. Kobler)

    Ms. Rebecca Gomez- 8th Grade Counselor:(Schedule an Appointment with Ms. Gomez- English Version)

                                                                                 (Hacer una cita con la Sra. Gomez- versión en español)



    Community Mental Health Resources- CLICK TO VIEW


    Recognizing Warning Signs   

    Parents & Teachers can look for warning signs of a possible crisis by noticing students who are:

    • Socially withdrawn                                                               
    • Isolated/Rejected Victimized     
    • Disinterested in school
    • Violent/Exhibit uncontrolled anger and aggression


    Know When To Refer   

    If you notice that your child/student is not their typical self or seem agitated or disengaged.  Students can be referred for counseling regarding academics, personal/social issues, grief, college and career readiness or other issues that seem beyond the scope of a classroom teacher.    


    You Suspect A Problem, What Should You Do?

    Offer to allow the student the opportunity to meet with the counselor while being sensitive to their privacy. You can encourage the student(s) to come to the counseling offices, or you can refer through email to ask a counselor to check on them. If the student is in a crisis situation, you can call the front office and a counselor will be sent to the student's location. Remember, crisis is a subjective term. What is considered crisis to one student may be considered mild to another. "Perception is reality in the moment".   

    Counselors are specially trained in handling crisis situations.  It can be difficult for students to focus in class if they are in emotional turmoil and need access to trained support.  When they feel calm and safe, they can learn. 


    Mobile Crisis

    Call 855-CRISIS-1 (855-274-7471) and you will be routed to a trained crisis specialist in your area. This service is provided through McNabb Counseling. 


    Department of Children's Services (DCS):

    Ph: (877) 237-0004 or you can make a report online by clicking HERE.