• At CMA, dual enrollment courses are courses that are taught by PSCC professors at the PSCC campus. CMA students who wish to enroll in dual enrollment courses must meet certain benchmarks before becoming a PSCC student. Each year, a handful of our CMA sophomores meet these benchmarks and are allowed to take one or two college courses. Most of our students, however, do not begin taking dual enrollment courses until their junior year. Students who miss the benchmarks their junior year are allowed to try again for their senior year. Regradless of when our students meet the benchmarks, once they do, they are considered "Blue Wolves" and are entitled to all the rights and priveledges of a PSCC student.

    While each student's course load is agreed upon by the student, the student's parents, our school counselor, and our principal, most of our students take five dual enrollment courses their junior year and seven dual enrollment courses their senior year, culminating in about forty-hours of college credit. For a glimpse at sample junior/senior class schedule, click here.

    Dual enrollment tuition and textbooks are paid for by a combined effort which typically includes PSCC, KCS, the dual enrollment grant, and a portion of the HOPE scholarship for students who apply. 

    Blue Wolves