A.L. Lotts Student Leadership Team

    Developing the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

    The Student Leadership Team is comprised of 5th grade students who have been selected through an application process.

    Student Leadership Expectations 

    • Maintain a high level of excellence in academics (C average), behavior (A average), work habits (A average), and attendance.
    • Be respectful! Be responsible! Be remarkable!
    • Maintain a positive attitude.

    The Student Leadership Team will:

    • Represent Lotts’ student body;
    • Help with morning and dismissal responsibilities;
    • Organize, promote, and implement service-learning projects;
    • Learn and utilize leadership skills, which support the school community.
    Service Learning

    Service learning creates a two-way bridge of interaction and shared purpose, resulting in better schools, stronger communities, and improved student learning. There may be service-learning projects scheduled outside of the school day hours. Students will not be penalized for not attending these service initiatives, but are encouraged to attend to benefit fully from the Student Leadership program. Dates and times for service learning opportunities are TBA. Some possible service learning projects include:

    • Charity Drive Initiatives (Second Harvest, Holiday Baskets, etc.)
    • Recycling Initiatives
    • Grounds Upkeep
    • Other

    Other Important Information:

    Academics– have and maintain a C average or better in all academic subjects

    Behavior– have and maintain an A average

    Work Habits– have and maintain an A average

    Attendance– No more than 10 unexcused tardies and/or 10 unexcused absences.

    Teacher Recommendations– Recommendations will be obtained from 4th grade teachers for the Fall Student Leadership Team and by 5th grade teachers for the Spring Student Leadership Team.

    AM/PM Duty– Students are expected to assist either with opening car doors during a morning duty (7:10-7:45) or afternoon duty (2:40-3:10)

    ‘3 Strikes You’re Out’ Policy- 3 infractions will result in student removal from the Leadership Team. Infractions can include but are not restricted to the following: excessive tardiness, inappropriate bus behavior, or inappropriate behavior during Student Leadership duty (goofing off, leaving post, etc.). Office referrals will result in immediate removal from the Student Leadership Team.

    If you have any questions about the Student Leadership Team, please contact Melinda Russell (melinda.russell@knoxschools.org) or a 5th grade teacher.