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    Richard Yoakley is dedicated to providing rigorous instruction and utilizing trauma-informed instructional practices. All courses are aligned with the courses students were enrolled in at their base school.  Students have the advantage of smaller class sizes with two adults in each classroom to provide additional academic support. 

    Educators at RYS encourage students to be life-long learners. This can only be achieved through student ownership and pride in academic success.  Therefore, students and guardians are encouraged to track academic progress through KCS Aspen and Canvas pages. Also, the Edulastic program is an additional progress monitoring tool available to Yoakley students and families. provides information on the standards that have been mastered in each course. This information will be shared with base schools upon student return.


    Richard Yoakley School implements Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). The main focus of PBIS is to provide a clear system for all expected behaviors at Richard Yoakley School. While many faculty and students have assumptions about what is expected behavior, we cannot assume that everyone’s beliefs are similar. Through PBIS, we will work to create and maintain a safe, respectful, and responsible environment in which ALL school community members have clear expectations and understandings of their role in the educational process.

      "Treat a man as he is, he will remain so. Treat a man the way he can be and ought to be, and he will become as he can be and should be." - Goethe