Richard Yoakley Communication

  • Communication through Kickboard

    RYS teachers and administration will communicate with students and families through the free Kickboard App. To create a Family Portal account, you will need the student's access code—which you should get in a letter from the school—and the student's birthday. Once you have this information, the application will guide you through activation steps. 


    For more information, videos, and additional Kickboard resources, please visit

  • Communication through Email and Google Voice 

    Teachers at Richard Yoakley are dedicated to supporting students and communicating with families. If you need to communicate with the administration or instructional staff, please refer to the staff communication chart below.


    Admin Name Title Email Address Google Voice Number (Call or text) Office Hours Daily (8:00-8:40)
    Mrs. Clayton Principal 865-245-9063
    Monday-Friday 8:30-3:45
    Mrs. Maples Administrative Assistant 865-409-1201
    Mrs. Bennett Special Education Coordinator 865-333-4674
    Mr. Sudderth Counselor 865-309-5024
    Mr. Tatum Restorative Interventionist 865-297-3264
    Mr. Fowler Restorative Interventionist TBD
    Teaching Staff
    Teacher Name Courses Email Address Google Voice Number (Call or text)

    Office Hours Daily

    Mr. Miazza Art 865-815-9773 11:30-12:50 Wednesday
    Mr. Velasco Biology/English, History 865-407-0658 12:00-1:20 Tuesday
    Coach Roberson Economics Government 865-407-0029 1:20-2:45 Tuesday
    Mrs. Craney English 865-407-0138 12:00-1:20 TBD
    Mrs. Resciniti English 865-268-9285 1:20-2:45 Tuesday
    Mr Holloman English Special Education 865-409-1620 8:40-10:05 Tuesday
    Mr. Jones Social Studies/English 865-333-4539 8:40-10:05 Thursday
    Mr. Farmer Social Studies/English 865-333-4841 8:40-10:05 Tuesday
    Mr. Horton Math 865-407-0719 10:05-11:30 Wednesday
    Mr. Perry Math 865-407-0150 12:00-1:20 Wednesday
    Mrs. Shanks Math vivat.bangurashanks@knoxschoolsorg 865-409-1209 1:20-2:45 TBD
    Mr. Buck Math Special Education 865-909-7428 8:40-10:05 Wednesday
    Mr. Wolford Middle School 865-333-4913 2:45-3:30 Tuesday
    Mr. Myers Music 336-338-7957 1:20-2:45 Tuesday

    Mrs. Biddle

    Psychology/RTI 865-315-7926 2:45-3:30 Wednesday
    Mrs. Arnold Science 865-333-4902 8:40-10:05 Tuesday
    Mr. Luther Special Education 865-407-0112 2:45-3:30 Tuesday
    Mrs. Leland Special Education Middle School 865-409-1801 TBD
    Coach Conforti PE/Wellness TBD TBD