School Overview

  •  RYS Compass  
    "Leading the Way in
    Reclaiming Youth for Society."
    hallway with students
    RYS Student Maxims
    I Believe in Myself and My Ability to Succeed.
    I will demonstrate respect for myself, my peers and my teachers.
    I will adhere to all school and classroom expectations.
    I will give my All to Succeed today!



    Richard Yoakley School provides an academic program designed to meet the individual needs of students assigned to the school.  Grades six through twelve are served within the program. Certified teachers present all required subjects for students.  Classes have a low student to teacher ratio.  Approved textbooks and supplemental materials are used.  Technology is part of every learning environment.  A comprehensive regular and special education curriculum are provided.  Emphasis is placed on the competency skills required for the regular high school diploma.  Learning skills and study habits are emphasized within the classroom to assist in a successful return to the student’s zone schools.  The guidance counselor will assist in keeping up with credits and the academic transition.


    Richard Yoakley School offers a varied vocational program for our students.

    Vocational classes include Construction Core, Carpentry, Business classes, and Technology classes, which help teach job skills to our students. Cooperative work-studies are available for students who qualify.



    Richard Yoakley School has a highly structured behavior management program with specific expectations, rewards, and consequences.  The goal of the behavior management system is to teach, encourage and require the behaviors that will help our students be successful in their zone schools.  Behavior management is a strong emphasis within the school day. Many of our students attend RYS due to some behavioral difficulty. The goal for these students is to return to their zone school as soon as possible.  The skill(s) that they must learn to achieve this goal is very individualized. RYS offers daily classroom planning, evaluation, and problem-solving groups.  All students have a behavioral chart that records their actions during that day.  All students develop a behavioral portfolio to document their progress while at RYS. RYS has an Interventional Team trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and each classroom is equipped with digital cameras to record daily events