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    This page will serve as a hub of Bonny Kate Elementary School and PTA information for the 2021 - 2022 school year. There are still a number of uncertainies with the upcoming school year, but we will keep you as updated as possible. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the PTA Board members. There is a list of the members and which committes they head on this page to better help you decide who to contact. 



    We are creating a custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our Bonny Kate community. These cookbooks will be professionally published and are sure to be a treasured keepsake for us all. Printed cookbooks will be available for purchase in Spring 2022 and will be a great Mother’s Day gift!  Money raised will be used for the Bonny Kate PTA.


    Our PTA cookbook is for all Bonny Kate families, teachers, retired teachers, staff, alumni and community members.  Here’s more information for you to participate in this special project for our school:


    Please submit 3-5 of your favorite recipes so you can be represented in our cookbook.  Many recipes from all members will ensure that our cookbook is a success. We are using Morris Press Cookbook’s web site to easily submit recipes online. If you do not have Internet access, our PTA Cookbook Committee can enter them for you. Submit hardcopies of your recipes to our PTA mailbox at the school office. 


    Please submit your recipes online by January 21, 2022, so we can meet our deadline.


    To Submit Recipes Online:

    1. Go to https://www.typensave.com/ and click ‘Login.’
    2. Enter the User Name: BK-PTA Cookbook           
    3. Enter the password: oregano898
    4. Click ‘Submit.’
    5. Enter your name and click ‘Continue.’
    6. Click ‘Add Recipes’ to begin adding your recipes.
    7. This is super easy and can be done faster than you can say, “What’s for dinner?”


    Recipe Writing Tips:

    • When adding recipes, review the “Tips” and use standard abbreviations.
    • Only enter 1 ingredient per ingredient line.
    • List ingredients in order of use in the ingredients list and directions.
    • Include container sizes, e.g., (16-oz.) pkg., (24-oz.) can.
    • Write directions in paragraph form, not in steps.
    • Use names of ingredients in the directions, e.g., “Combine flour and sugar.”  DO NOT use statements like, “Combine first three ingredients.”
    • Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking, and/or freezing times.
    • Additional comments about the recipe (history, nutritional data, suggested uses, etc.) are not allowed unless a “Recipe Note” field is visible. Enter extra recipe content in that field.


    We anticipate a great demand for our cookbooks, and we want to be certain to order enough. To reserve your copies, 1) the slip below may be given to your child’s teacher or 2) email the PTA Cookbook Committee at bonnykatepta@gmail.com with the number of cookbooks you will be purchasing. Cookbooks will be available for $10.00 each.


    We are so excited about this community cookbook and hope that you will share a recipe or two with our Bonny Kate Family!  Thank you for all you do for our school and community!



    The Bonny Kate PTA & Cookbook Committee












    Sign up anytime throughout the year. No commitment required!


    Please check back for Announcents, Important Dates, and Paperwork. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact Melanie McLemore at melanie.mclemore@gmail.com. 


    The school supply lists have posted. Please click the link below to be redirected to the lists.

    Bonny Kate Elementary School 2021 - 2022 School Supply Lists


    If families would like to help beyond the required supplies, listed below are the teacher's Amazon Wish Lists:

    Mrs. Chandler's Amazon Wish List

    Mrs. Cox's Kindergarten

    Ms. Harper's Kindergarten Supplies

    Ms. Harper's Kindergarten Books

    Mrs. Snapp's 1st Grade Wish List

    Mrs. M. Snyder's 1st Grade

    Mrs. Pearson's 1st Grade Wish List

    Mrs. Moore's 2nd Grade Wish List

    Mrs. Davis' 2nd Grade Wish List

    Mr. Normile 3rd Grade

    Mrs. Fachman's 4th Grade

    Mrs. Jackson's 4th Grade

    Mrs. Payne's 4th Grade

    Mrs. Reasor's 5th Grade


    Ms. Fowler's Art Wish List

    Mrs. Moore's BK Music Wish List

    Coach Jacob's Gym Wish List

    Mrs. Fevrier's Library Wish List



    2021 - 2022 PTA Board Members


    Thank you to the following people who have agreed to serve on the PTA Board for this school year:


    President - Melanie McLemore

    Vice President - Allison Slater  

    Secretary - Sarah Ogle   

    Treasurer - Anna Least       

    Membership Chair - Allison Slater    

    Hospitality Chair - Chelsea Penticuff    

    Head Room Representative - TBD    


    remind 101

    Dear Families,

    As a way to keep you more up to date on the events taking place at out school, I would like to introduce you to Remind 101! Remind 101 is a free messaging system that will allow us to send out text message reminders to those parents who choose to subscribe. Here’s how it works …

    • If you choose to subscribe, text our class code: @bkes2020 to


    • You should then receive a text message that states the following. “Thanks! Bonny Kate Elementary School needs to know who you are. Please reply with your full name. Note: The name you send will be saved and used for all future classes.”


    • After you reply with your name you should receive one more message stating “Thanks (your name)! As a member of @bkes2020, you will receive all of Bonny Kate Elementary Schools Remind notifications. Reply HELP for commands.”


    • The End . You will now automatically be updated with school reminders! This is such a great tool for us as it saves time AND trees by cutting down on typing up notes, printing them off, and making copies!


    We plan on using the Remind text messaging system and posting to Facebook throughout the year as needs and volunteer opportunities arise. We encourage you to join the text message group, to join the Bonny Kate Facebook page, and to regularly check the Bonny Kate website for updates.


    Remind is a yearly subscription and must be signed up for each year.


    If you have any questions about Remind App, please feel free to email melanie.mclemore@gmail.com 



    The Kroger Community Rewards Program offers a very easy, completely cost-free way to give to Bonny Kate Elementary School! Each time you use your Kroger Plus card when paying for purchases, a percentage of what you spend will be credited to the school’s Community Rewards account. Bonny Kate will earn a quarterly cash rebate based on the percentage of the total spent that quarter.


    If you are new to the Kroger website…

    1. Have your Kroger Plus Card handy (or plan to sign up for a new one digitally)
    2. Go to https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards
    3. Click on “Search for your organization here.”
    4. Follow prompts to create an account and register your Plus Card
    5. From the My Account menu, go to Community Rewards
    6. Click “Enroll”
    7. Search for Bonny Kate Elementary School (or our organization number EJ454)
    8. Click “Enroll” again!


    If you already have a Kroger website account…

    1. Go to https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards
    2. Click on “Search for your organization here.”
    3. Sign in to your account
    4. Click “Enroll”
    5. Search for Bonny Kate Elementary School (or our organization number EJ454)
    6. Click “Enroll” again!



    NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER OR AN EMAIL ACCOUNT - CALL (800) 576-4377 to talk to a customer service representative. You will need to have your Kroger card when calling. Choose option #3. They will ask you for the organization name (Bonny Kate Elementary School) or organization number (EJ454) to complete the process.



    Thank you for your support!!


    Bonny Kate Social Media Accounts:

    Bonny Kate Facebook - Closed Group

    BKES Twitter

    BKES Kindergarten Twitter

    BKES 1st Grade Twitter

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