Weekly Library Visits 

    The library is on the school's 4-Day rotation. Books may be checked each library visit as long as there are no overdue books. Students may renew a book 2 times if needed. Library lessons will correlate with the school curriculum and focus on literature and about books, authors, illustrators and basic library skills. In addition, basic computer skills and robotics will be introduced and students will work on various projects throughout the school year.
    Library is open 8:00 am - 2:35pm Daily






Lauren Fevrier, Librarian
  • Lauren Février, Librarian
    865-579-2108 x2261
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  • Tumble Book Library

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  • Our Mission

    The Library Media Specialist works collaboratively with students, teachers, administrators, and the larger community to meet the personal and academic needs of each learner as they strive to make sense of the world.

    We believe the Library Media Specialist will:

    • Promote a love of reading
    • Create a safe and inviting environment for all learners
    • Cultivate a spirit of inquiry
    • Collect a rich variety of resources to support the needs of each learner
    • Provide equitable information access to all learners
    • Teach learners
      • To access information efficiently for a variety of purposes
      • To evaluate and discern among information sources
      • To use information critically, effectively, and ethically
    • Collaborate with students and teachers to decide the best methods for creating and sharing information
    • Integrate services with the school’s mission and goals
    • Model lifelong learning by engaging in relevant and sustained professional development