Kindergarten Supplies

  • 2021-2022 Blue Grass Kindergarten Supply List

    If you wish to buy supplies before school, please refer to the list below. This will prevent you from buying unneeded items. If you are uncertain, please wait and ask before you buy.

    Fiskar mental blunt tip scissors (not plastic, not pointed)

    6-8 Jumbo glue sticks

    Crayola washable fat markers

    1 plastic pencil box (5 x 8 x 2). No handles or briefcase style 4 boxes of Crayons 24 count (no Jumbo crayons)

    1 box of standard size sharpened pencils (no jumbo pencils)

    1 package of low order dry erase markers (Expo Brand, black)

    1 box of Kleenex

    2 plastic folders with prongs

    1 box of Band-Aids

    Over the ear headphones

    Boys: Paper towels and gallon size Ziplock bags Girls: Baby wipes and sandwich size Ziplock bags

    Please do not label school supplies except for backpacks, pencil box, headphones, and scissors.