Fifth Grade Supplies

  • 2019-2020 5TH GRADE SUPPLY LIST


    Plastic folders in the following colors: white, red, purple, green, black

    Spiral notebooks in the following colors (1 of each): black, yellow, purple, green, red

    Colored pencils

    24 #2 pencils

    1 pack cap erasers

    Red pens (at least 6)

    Highlighters (3 different colors)

    Pencil pouch with zipper

    Adult scissors

    Glue sticks (6)

    1 pack notebook paper (wide ruled)

    1 roll paper towels

    1 pack sticky notes (3x3)

    3 dry erase markers (fine tip)

    Handheld sharpener (for colored pencils)


    Donations of the following would be greatly appreciated:

    Extra tissues

    Extra paper towels

    Red pens

    #2 pencils

    Clorox wipes