Fourth Grade Supplies

  • 2023-2024 Blue Grass Fourth Grade Supply List

    -2-inch, 3-inch binder
    -Five, 2 pocket folders with 3 punched holes/ no brads
    1 Red- Reading
    1 Blue- Math
    1 Yellow- Social Studies
    1 Green- Science
    1 Orange- Weekly Take Home (Forms, Newsletters, Graded Work, etc.)
    -Zippered Pencil Pouch- fabric with 3 rings (NO pencil boxes)
    -Two 1- subject spiral notebooks
    1 Green- Science
    1 Blue- Math
    -Two packs of wide-ruled notebook paper
    -One package of red pens
    -One 12-count colored pencils
    -Scissors (Kid-size)
    -Pencils-Two packages of Dixson Ticonderoga wood case #2 (sharpened)
    -One package of eraser caps
    -Two pink erasers
    -Two packs of yellow highlighters (No other colors)
    - 1 pack of glue sticks
    -Kleenex- 3 pack
    -Hand-held pencil sharpener

    -2- pack paper towels (Boys only)
    -Hand sanitizer (Boys only)
    -Bandaids (Girls only)
    -Clorox Wipes (Girls only)