School Counseling Department

L&N STEM Academy School Counseling

  • Mission:
    The mission of the School Counseling department at the L&N STEM Academy is to ensure that all students realize and integrate their academic, career and personal/social potential in order to develop and achieve an individualized vision of success. School Counselors will work with all students in a variety of ways to ensure students are being supported to achieve their own unique future goals based upon their interests and skills. Through prevention, intervention, and encouraging self-advocacy, we strive to prepare each student with the skills they will require to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
    Professional school counselors are certified/licensed professionals with a master's degree or higher in school counseling and are uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students. Professional school counselors deliver a comprehensive school counseling program encouraging all students' academic, career and personal/social development and help all students in maximizing student achievement.
    How does a student see a School Counselor? 
    • Email or stop by the Counseling Office
    • Parent referral
    • Administrative referral
    • Teacher or other staff referral
    • Referral by a friend(s) 


    How and why do parents contact the School Counselor? 

    • Concerns over student achievement
    • School orientation and registration
    • Test Interpretation
    • College and Career information
    • Discussing the special needs of their child
    • Family difficulties or concerns
    Counselors are available by appointment (in person or virtual) to conference with parents and students. Counselors are also available by phone (329-8440) or email. Students are welcome to drop in to see their counselor and if the counselor is busy, they will reschedule an appointment time. If there is a crisis situation, however, the student will be seen immediately.   

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