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    Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library 3:45-4:45.
    Math is in room 106, 119, and 212.
    English is in room 113 and 218. 
    Biology is in room 206.
    Chemistry is in room 201. 
    Saturday School
    Saturday school is an opportunity for students to complete missing work, make up tests, write essays, and complete other academic goals.  Teachers assign students Saturday school or students can request to attend.  If students request to attend than they should inform their teachers so the teachers can gather work for the student.  The school meets in the library from 9:00-11:30.  If students finish make-up work early then they can leave early.  Students can also be assigned Saturday School for disciplinary purposes.  If a student has to attend for this reason they may not leave early.  
    *Many CHS teachers work with students outside of school hours.  If your child is struggling in a class please contact his or her teacher for extra help.