Throughout the school year, Mrs. Holloway teaches a variety of guidance lessons in grades K-5.  Every classroom will visit Mrs. Holloway for a lesson once per month.  All lessons are based on the academic, social/emotional, and careers domains identified by the state of Tennessee and the American School Counselor Association. Click the links below to view the state or national standards. 
    Individual visits with children are based on referrals from parents, teachers, administrators, and students. The counselor tries to visit at times during which the student will not miss direct instruction of new skills and concepts. The counselor listens to the child and tries to help him/her to develop a plan for handling things in the future.
    The counselor is trained and willing to facilitate small groups of children dealing with similar issues. Small groups typically consist of anywhere between 2-5 students who meet periodically to work together towards common goals. Groups can be created to address several topics including, but not limited to, divorce, study skills, anger management, friendship skills, and classroom behavior. 
    Consultation with parents and teachers is a critical part of the school counselor's role in advocating for students and helping them succeed. Mrs. Holloway is always willing to help parents and teachers whenever requested.