• Red Devil Orientation

    Halls High School will behaving orientation for 2017-2018 school year on the following dates:

    July 28, 8:30-10:30 Seniors

    July 28, 12:30-2:30 Juniors

    July 28, 3:00-4:30  Sophomores

    August 4, 8:00-12:00 A-Z Freshmen

    Please check the website (http://knoxschools.org/hallshs) regularly for updates and more information.

    Students MUST ATTEND ORIENTATION DURING THEIR TIME PERIOD. For example, freshmen can not attend during senior times.

    Student may pick up their schedules at orientation.

    Pictures for the Yearbook will be taken at the time. Students should be receiving information about pictures from Forever Yours School photography through the mail.  Pictures are prepaid at the time  of orientation.

    Students can also pay the following fees with INDIVIDUAL checks made payable to HALLS HIGH SCHOOL. Students should have their names on the bottom on the check.

    Senior graduation fee: $25.00
    School fee for all students: $10.00
    Parking permits for seniors only: $30.00 (Students must have driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance--Also student must not have any outstanding fees.)
    Yearbook orders: $60.00 (Yearbooks will be order online this year.   Price will increase once school starts)
    PTSA membership: $5.00

    Upperclassemen must pay their hold fines before they can complete orientation. The school has a list of students that are on the hold list.

    Students enrolled in Fall Semester Dual Enrollment must have their application completed by August 7th.

    If parents or students have questions, please call the school at 922-7757 or email Trina Polston at






    You are invited to Halls High School Freshmen Day!


    WHEN: August 4, 2017


    WHERE: We’ll meet in our Gymnasium to get things started


    TRANSPORTATION: Buses will run on a regular school schedule in the morning and will leave the school at 12:00 in the afternoon.



    Schedule of day’s events:

    8:30 – 9:15 – Meeting/Pep Rally in the gym

    9:15- 10:45 – Red Devil Day: Business, School Pictures, Clubs, Gift

    You will need a maximum of four checks: 1 each for; fees, Yearbook order, picture order, and PTA membership

    10:45 – 11:00 visit Homeroom, pick-up schedule

    11:00 – 12:00 – student orientation

    11:00 – 12:00- Administrative Q and A session with parents in the Library


    We will provide a free gift for all students who attend!


    Parents are welcome to attend all or part of the day’s events!


    Please contact us at 922-7757 after July 26th should you need further information.


    We hope to see all of you there on August 4th!






    Dear Parents of Ninth Graders,

    Welcome to Halls High School! The school year is rapidly approaching and this one is a special one for both your young student and yourself. The first year of High School can be a traumatic proposition for both student and parent and that is one reason that we believe that this Orientation Day is so important. We hope that your plans and schedules will allow you to attend. The simple act of the students orienting themselves to the building and our daily schedule will be of great benefit as we jump into things with both feet on the first day. We also believe that the scheduled time for questions of our Administrative staff will help ease your mind on our expectations and your potential concerns. We hope to see all of you there on the 9th!


    Disciplinary Concerns

    The following are not our only concerns for student behavior, but they are our most frequent and I want you to be advised before you receive a telephone call.

    Dress Code

    We do not anticipate any changes in our dress code for the 2016 – 2017 year. Our policy, which has been Board approved, stipulates that SHIRTS may not advertise any product or behavior which is deemed inappropriate for school by any school staff.  Shirts must cover the abdomen and the shoulders, and the front of the shirt must cover the chest. The dress code for shorts and skirts will also remain unchanged in that they must extend beyond the fingertips and be in close proximity to the knee. I encourage you to shop for fall clothing with this in mind.

    “Sagging” will not be tolerated.

    Public Display of Affection

    The State is contemplating passing legislation which would make it illegal for students to participate in “gateway sexual activity”. This is defined as hugging, kissing, and other intimate behavior. This has no place in a school setting and infractions will be subject to school discipline.

    Cell Phone Policy

    The use of cell phones is not allowed in any classroom. This also includes the ringing or vibrating of a cell phone while the student is in class. The “use of a cell phone” includes: talking, texting, reading a text or listening to a caller, the use of the internet or email, or checking the time on the cell phone. The progression of discipline will be outlined in your student’s Handbook.


    We will not tolerate bullying of our students in any manner. We will investigate all reports of bullying and prosecute those cases which cannot be stopped after intervention by the school.

    Money and Expensive Items

    Simply put; don’t bring large sums of money or expensive personal items to school. We cannot guarantee their security.


    I hope that some of this helps and that we will see you on the 4th. Enjoy the remainder of your summer!


    Mark Duff