• Red Devil Day

    Halls High School will behaving orientation for 2019-2020 school year on the following dates:

    July 26, Seniors- 08:30-10:30

    July 26, Juniors-  11:30-1:30

    July 26, Sophomores- 3:00-5:00


    August 1 8:30-12:00 A-Z Freshmen

    Please check the website (http://knoxschools.org/hallshs) regularly for updates and more information.

    Students MUST ATTEND ORIENTATION DURING THEIR TIME PERIOD. For example, freshmen can not attend during senior times.

    Students may pick up their schedules at orientation.

    Pictures for the Yearbook will be taken at Red Devil Day time. Students should be receiving information about pictures from Lifetouch photography through the mail.  Pictures are prepaid at the time of orientation. Please contact Trina.Polston@knoxschools.org with questions about yearbook photos.

    Students can also pay the following fees with INDIVIDUAL checks made payable to HALLS HIGH SCHOOL. Students should have their names on the bottom on the check.

    Senior graduation fee: $25
    School fee for all students: $15
    Parking permits for seniors only: $30 (Students must have driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance--Also student must not have any outstanding fees.)
    Yearbook orders: $60.00 (Yearbooks will be order online this year.   Price will increase once school starts)

    Upperclassemen must pay their hold fines before they can complete orientation. The school has a list of students that are on the hold list.

    Students enrolled in Fall Semester Dual Enrollment must have their application completed by August 7th.

    If parents or students have questions, please call the school at 922-7757 or email Miki Cates at miki.cates@knoxschools.org.